Star Song
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Star Song
Star Song is a Christian Sci-Fi adventure with a touch of romance. Scripture says God cast Satan to the ground; Lucifer was cut down to the earth. The Chosen is a clandestine group of Christians in northern Colorado committed to a common goal: make a home around another star, leaving the Devil and his demons behind. At last they have found a way to make the journey. When Simon discovers the woman he loves is part of some cult planning to use the dead to travel through space, he implements a plan to rescue her from the Chosen but winds up enmeshed in their adventure.

5 STARS “This book was unique and full of surprises. I don’t think I’ve ever read Christian science fiction before. After reading Star Song, I must say I want more. Simon’s journey from doubter to a faithful disciple of Christ was one of the most genuine transformations I’ve ever read. Simon’s story challenged my faith and brought up questions I’ve never really considered that much.”
— Reviewed by Maureen Dangarembizi for Readers’ Favorite

5 STARS "…a thrilling sci-fi adventure …of a group of space travelers seeking a new beginning away from the prejudices and destructive nature of their previous societies. [It] does a wonderful job of explaining and analyzing some of the base behaviors that make us inherently human but also make us inherently unique, as individuals… I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to all."
— Reviewed by Grant Leishman for Readers’ Favorite

5 STARS “…The adventure has turns that will take readers by surprise… [It] is engaging, told in a voice that is clear and arresting. [Macy] succeeds in keeping the reader engaged throughout the story with the skillful use of suspense and the ability to create and develop a powerful conflict… Star Song is an interesting story with a strong appeal to fans of sci-fi and Christian romance; it is a delightful read.”
— Reviewed By Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite

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