Star Song
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Star Song
Star Song is an interesting blend of Christian "what ifs" and relativity "what ifs". I started thinking about "relativity" after reading a short discussion on muon half-life: how they are formed in the upper atmosphere and, because of their half-life, should never reach the surface of the Earth. And yet they do! Einstein's theory of relativity can be used to explain the dichotomy. In the muon's frame of reference, because they are traveling so fast, the distance from the upper atmosphere to the ground shrinks as does the passage of time. Grasping that concept was not at all easy. I wanted to present this law in a story form so readers might also appreciate the wonder of time.

Then, as I pondered how I could show this in a Sci-Fi novel, a question came to mind concerning God's judgement on Satan at his fall. If Satan were cast down to the Earth, was he confined here. If so, could we escape his wiles and condemnation by traveling to another planet.

And, so, I give you Star Song.

Star Song is a Christian Sci-Fi adventure with a touch of romance. The Chosen is a clandestine group of Christians in northern Colorado committed to a common goal: make a home around another star, leaving the Devil and his demons behind. At last they have found a way to make the journey. When Simon discovers the woman he loves is part of some cult planning to use the dead to travel through space, he implements a plan to rescue her from the Chosen but winds up enmeshed in their adventure.
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